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Friday, March 23, 2018

How To Create Virulent Jew Hatred In The Next Generation: Children Throughout Norway to Collect Millions Against Israel

From Pamela Geller:
School children throughout Norway will be sent out via “Operation Day’s Work” to collect millions for BDS NGO KFUK-KFUM Global (“Y Global”) to help mobilize protests against Israel. 
Norwegian newspaper the Aftenposten reported that revenues from this year’s Operation Day’s Work, which will take place on November 1, “will go to support Palestinian youth”. 
Operation Day’s Work is the students’ annual solidarity campaign where youth throughout the country work one day and earn income for different projects. 
Representatives from schools across the country voted for the project under the Elevtinget, the Student Organization’s National Assembly or “Pupil’s Parliament”. It is the second largest country meeting in Norway, after the National Organization in Norway trade union association. 
At the meeting students from all over Norway meet to discuss “how Norwegian schools can be the best possible”. 
The NGO’s application to the Student Organization’s National Assembly to be chosen for Operation Day’s Work states the project’s purpose to be “empowering youth for sustainable peace in Palestine.” 
It includes a detailed budget for disbursal of monies to projects like “Palestine, East Jerusalem, Gaza YWCA” costing 16,080,000 kroner, and various “evaluation”, “administration”, and “follow-up” items totaling a budget of 19,000,000 kroner. 
“The entire program is based on a series of educational and awareness raising trainings and campaigns for the targeted youth.” 
The application states the program’s overall theme is “gender and human rights”, with extra emphasis on “transformation from passive subjects to active citizens and ending the occupation through promoting a just peace in Israel and Palestine.” 
Another stated area of Y Global’s special emphasis is “challenging gender roles through transformative masculinity,” linking feminist agendas to subverting Israel by placing “a strong focus on liberation from oppression, especially for girls and young women”. 
The program targets 10,900 youth (male and female) between 13-19 years old. “These youth will be both Muslims and Christians. 
The youth will be participants in the YMCA or YWCA, school students, members of scout groups and other youth groups. They will be from various districts of West Bank [sic], including East Jerusalem, and Gaza communities living in cities, villages, and refugee camps. 
In addition, some youth will also receive additional training and become trainers for others. 
These trainers are anticipated to reach even a higher number of youth.” “When we mobilize youth to work for just peace in Palestine, there will always be some risk involved. 
However, the program will have a strong focus on minimising these risks, especially as we are dealing with youngsters. 
For example, we will ensure that political events happen is safe spaces where we do not risk confrontation with the Israeli military or settlers. Our local partners have a long experience in organising protest activities, such as vigils and demonstrations, in a safe way. 
The training will also include how to plan activities in a way that ensures their safety. 
This includes training in assessing risk, different creative non-violent resistance methods and how to act if they do end up in a dangerous situation. 
This allows them to be engaged and make a difference without the need to be in direct conflict with the Israelis. 
Y Global’s English website states it “is an independent development and solidarity organisation owned by the Norwegian YWCA-YMCA and the Norwegian YWCA-YMCA scouts. We work towards giving human new facilities and build strong democratic communities [sic].” 
The Norwegian-language website provides more detail: “Fair Peace: Since 2000, around 700 Palestinian children (12-18 years) have been arrested every year on the West Bank. 
They have been arrested and interrogated by the Israeli military, police, or security officers and been tried in Israeli military court. 
“Official Palestinian statistics show that throughout 2012, Israel arrested nearly 900 Palestinian children, while in 2016 more than 1,300 children were arrested. 
This shows a large increase in the number of arrests of Palestinian children over the last 5 years. 
“Through the rehabilitation program, East Jerusalem YMCA has helped 377 of the children arrested last year, as well as 223 of their parents, in 2016. These children have been helped to integrate back into their local communities. 
The target group in the rehabilitation program is children and adolescents suffering from physical and mental disorders as a result of political violence and torture associated with arrests and imprisonment. 
Some of the specific services given to these young people are psychosocial counseling (both in groups and individually), family therapy, academic rehabilitation, projects that help young people become self-employed, sports and leadership training.” 
On a Facebook post, Y Global announced winning Operation Day’s Work: “Kfuk-Kfum Global and our good Palestinian partners have been awarded this year’s Operasjon Dagsverk project! Thank you to amazing youth at Elevtinget for trust, appeals and support! 
“Together with Norwegian and Palestinian youth we will the next few years work even harder for fair peace in both Israel and Palestine! We look forward and hope you will be with us!” 
“Norwegian students have spoken and we know what engages us! @avmedforungdom OD 2018 and @KFUKKFUMGlobal will work with youth for peace.”



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Fuck The Scottish Police, Part II

And then there's this, from From Part I:

Vlad Tepes Blog:
As comments are disabled for this video, probably because the police do not have the resources to arrest everyone who might leave one for this Orwellian statist jackboot approach to public order, I would encourage you to make your thoughts known to the Scottish police here. 
If you are writing from Scotland, I would suggest you use a VPN or write in some kind of deniable code. Samizdat is the order of the century. Again. 
Once or twice in interviews I have quipped that the only thing the founding fathers got wrong in the US constitution was that the first two amendments in the bill of rights are in reverse order. 
Because if you have no means to defend your freedom of speech from the state, then you don’t have it. 
And what freedom of speech you think you have is at the behest of the state as a privilege so long as it serves their interests. 
I meant this quip to show the importance of public ownership of the means of protecting liberty. But I suspect it may be literally true at this point. 
The UK gave up their right to own guns and now they are being jailed for Facebook posts and Youtube videos of dogs shaking a paw in a context that upsets the leftist orthodoxy. 
At some point people need to remember why exactly we don’t like Nazis. It wasn’t the Hugo Boss uniforms, we kinda liked those. It was because they behaved like the Scottish Police do now.
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"Allah Is Gay": Why Lauren Southern Was Banned From The UK

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California: "Smoking Car" Crashes Gate at Travis Air Force Base, Explodes Into Flames, FBI Investigating


From WSFA:
(RNN) - An incident from Wednesday night at an Air Force base in Northern California is reportedly being investigated as a possible attempt at a terror attack. 
A vehicle charged and apparently breached the main gate at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, about 45 minutes south of Sacramento. 
A series of videos posted to an Air Force news page on Facebook shows what appears to be a smoking SUV, which is then visibly aflame. 
Approximation of Potential Suspect  
Security personnel then rush toward the vehicle before a fire truck arrives and firemen begin to douse the flames. The driver died in the fire. 
The FBI has joined the investigation.
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Adult Afghan asylum seeker who lied he was a child refugee before raping and murdering EU official's daughter is jailed for life in Germany

Adult Afghan asylum seeker who lied he was a child refugee before raping and murdering EU official's daughter is jailed for life in Germany
Hussein Khavari jailed for life for rape and murder of Maria Ladenburger, 19 
The medical student was killed in Freiburg, Germany in October 2016 
Bogus refugee originally claimed to be just 17 years old - his father says he's 34 
He will serve an indeterminate sentence because of the brutality of his crime
So, all of the sudden, a crime like this is serious, and worthy of a real sentence, WHEN THE CRIME IS COMMITTED AGAINST THE DAUGHTER OF AN EU OFFICIAL.

But, when it's your daughter, or my daughter, then it's just the price we pay for diversity, which is to be pursued at any cost to our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The EU is going down.

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Paul Ryan Has Got To Go

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Jan Garbarek

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A Taste of Honey

Herb Alpert

This is an extraordinary re-imagining of the old classic.

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Rare Earth
Papa Was A Rolling Stone

Tobacco Road

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Freedom Does not Cringe

From The Last English Prince:
“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” President Barack Obama, 2012 
The history is front seat, embedded in my psyche. The Federal Bureau of Investigation attacked a freedom of expression event using a proxy. For this, the agency must be brought to account. 
Flashback to the Draw Muhammad Exhibition: Reaching into my closet for black slacks and a matching blouse my heart was calm. My husband had offered to take me to the event and wait in the parking lot until the exhibition was complete. 
The deal we had struck was that I would only allow him to accompany me if he vacated the parking lot, camped out at a local restaurant, and awaited my phone call. 
As a journalist engaged in on-the-ground interface with Muslims for a decade, my gut told me that at least one individual would not be able to resist the call to jihad. This would be Charlie Hebdo in Garland, Texas. 
The attack came. The jihadists were drawn into a kill box and a security guard was shot – possibly by friendly fire. But I do not think of the security guard. 
My mind is drawn to the matrix in which we were placed. There was no woman in the red dress. But there was a pre-teen red-headed girl. She was beautiful – her straight, long hair swaying across her back. There was no woman in a red dress but there was an elderly couple, the woman crowned with the white hair which she has earned, the wrinkles which are a private road map to her life, hopes, and dreams. 
We did not ask for this. We were human guinea pigs in a laboratory ...
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Thursday, March 22, 2018


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Hillary Goes on Dutch TV and Bashes Trump

Hanoi Hillary
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The Stach Is Back!

John Bolton Replaces McMaster As National Security Adviser

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has been replaced by former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton as national security adviser, President Trump tweeted Thursday.

"I am pleased to announce that, effective 4/9/18, @AmbJohnBolton will be my new National Security Advisor," Mr. Trump wrote. "I am very thankful for the service of General H.R. McMaster who has done an outstanding job & will always remain my friend. There will be an official contact handover on 4/9."

 McMaster, who is an active duty three-star general, said in a statement that after 34 years of service, he would be requesting retirement from the U.S. Army, effective this summer."


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Nicholas Sarkozy charged with accepting money from Gaddafi

France's former president has been put under investigation and charged with taking money from Libya's former autocrat for the French election campaign, exceeding the limit usually allowed:
Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was handed preliminary charges Wednesday over allegations he accepted millions of euros in illegal campaign funding from the late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

A judicial official told The Associated Press that investigative judges overseeing the probe gave the ex-president charges of illegally funding his 2007 winning campaign, passive corruption and receiving money from Libyan embezzlement.

The person was not authorized to speak publicly about the case.

The charges came after Sarkozy was questioned for two days by anticorruption police at a station in Nanterre, northwest of the French capital. The investigation involving funding for his 2007 president campaign. Investigators are examining allegations that Gadhafi’s regime secretly gave the politician 50 million euros overall for his campaign.

The sum would be more than double the legal campaign funding limit at the time — 21 million euros. In addition, the alleged payments would violate French rules against foreign financing and requiring that the source of campaign funds be declared.
If this is so, it somehow doesn't surprise me he'd take money from a tyrant. Sarkozy did nothing to stop Islam when he was president, allowed jihadism to fester, demanded Israel surrender territory to the PLO, and even gave an award to anti-Israeli journalist Charles Enderlin, which I'm sure was no accident. He was even photographed putting his hand on a woman's breast, which is inappropriate behavior for a head of state. If Sarkozy ran for office today in the post-Harvey Weinstein era, the chances are much higher that could be used against him, and make him a far less appealing candidate than before.

The least Sarkozy could do now is apologize for the hugest errors he made in his one term, but all the same, I think his political career at this point is over, and his associations with Gaddafi were wrong too. Naturally, if he played any part in Gaddafi's overthrow without ensuring there'd be a suitable replacement and democracy/sanity could reign in Libya, then that's another grave mistake he made. So, in retrospect, nobody needs to feel too sorry to see Sarkozy get charged with felonies.
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Love the God Emperor

I admit it. This made me laugh:
Are you not entertained!? Is this not why you are here!?


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