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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Trump Brought Back A Great Deal From China, But No One’s Talking About It


From the New York Post:
Last weekend in Beijing, as part of his 12-day trip to Asia, President Trump announced that the US and China had signed an $83.7 billion memorandum of understanding to create a number of petrochemical projects in West Virginia over the next 20 years. 
If the agreement holds tight, it is an economic game changer for the state. And yet, speaking to the locals here, you wouldn’t even know it had happened. 
“I am surprised I heard nothing about it on the national news, nor in my local paper and newscasts,” said Jerald Stephens, 67, a West Virginia native and union rep, who has been a keen observer of local politics for as long as he can remember. 
The BBC and CNN covered the news in their business sections, while The New York Times picked up a short story by The Associated Press on the deal. The stories’ headlines were muted; their placement low-key. 
“One would have suspected that the prospect of an investment this large — nearly three times the total annual budget for the department of energy — would have been front-page news,” said Paul Sracic, political-science professor at nearby Youngstown State University.
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The Deconstruction of Humanity

From Melanie Phillips:
The knee-jerk bullying, victim-group sectarianism and repudiation of reason itself over transgenderism defy belief. The Times (£) reports that a lesbian Labour party women’s officer was allegedly subjected to months of harassment as a “Terf” — a derogatory term for “trans exclusionary radical feminist” – because she took issue with aspects of transgenderism. 
Intimidation by transgender activists, in the laughable cause of promoting greater tolerance and inclusivity, has suddenly become the new norm. Examples – such as the Christian maths teacher who was suspended for addressing as a girl a female pupil who identifies as a boy – are coming thick and fast. 
As has been noted elswhere, however, the really extraordinary aspect of all this is the way in which the establishment – Conservative government ministers, schools, universities, the Church of England – are meekly falling into line with the hallucinatory requirement, enforced by coercion, character assassination and social ostracism against anyone who dares resist, that we deny the fact that we belong to the sex into which we were born. 
The reason for this existential collapse is that the relativist west has so heavily bought into the belief that reality is merely what we decide it to be. Ours has become a culture of radical subjectivity in which there is no such thing as objective truth. Everything is instead a matter of opinion and individual perception. 
Feelings trump facts every time. No-one’s lifestyle is to be considered wrong or inferior to anyone else’s. No judgment is to be permitted, except for the judgment that judgmentalism is wrong. What is right for me is what is right. What I declare something to be is what it is. I feel, therefore I am.
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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Wall

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Almost one-third of 214 U.S.-based MS-13 gang members arrested in an international sweep were invited into the United States by President Barack Obama’s “Unaccompanied Alien Children” policy

From Breitbart:
Sixty-four of the 193 illegals – nearly one in three – are would-be “dreamers” because they illegally crossed the border while claiming to be minors. 
Their unscreened claims to be children — not adults — won them the legal status of “Unaccompanied Alien Children,” which allowed them to claim federal aid and be released into the United States. 
The status was provided by Obama’s administration, which was seeking ways to welcome migrants from Central America into the United States. That invite spiraled out of control, resulting in a huge wave of migrants in 2014, which helped Donald Trump get elected. 
“Definitely some UACs end up being bad people and enter the country to do bad things,” said Homan, who is serving as acting ICE director and was nominated on Tuesday by Trump to head the agency. 
“That’s why we asked for several policy changes in [the requests] we sent to the Hill.” Criminal charges against the 214 gang-members include racketeering and conspiracy to commit murder in the furtherance of racketeering. According to Rybicki, an entire eight-man MS-13 “clique” (a local division of a gang) was arrested in the operation. 
This “Sailors Clique” operated in suburban Maryland, a hotspot of MS-13 activity, and has been linked to at least three murders. 
U.S. Border Patrol Deputy Chief Scott Luck explained that the operation worked with El Salvadoran intelligence agencies to identify people with links to MS-13.
Obama couldn't have figured this out? Or didn't want to?

Which do you think?

Obama was actively trying to import the seeds of revolution into our nation.
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French Police Find Rocket Launchers Among Massive Weapons Arsenal in Drug Raid

From Vlad Tepes Blog:
French police have arrested four individuals in connection with organised drug dealing and have also found a massive arsenal of weapons including fully automatic rifles and anti-tank rocket launchers. 
The four men were arrested in the regions of Eure-et-Loir, Eure and Yvelines which lies just west of Paris. Republic of Chartres prosecutor Rémi Coutin commented on the case saying investigators had found narcotics, 13,000 euros in cash and a massive arsenal of military-grade weaponry, radio broadcaster Europe 1 reports. 
“The investigators seized seven weapons of war, including two loaded and ready-to-run M80 rocket launchers capable of destroying a tank, two Kalashnikovs, one Spanish assault rifle, two machine guns,” Coutin said. (
Vlad Tepes Blog comments:
The article never gives a clue as to who was arrested, but that is a clue by itself. Also it references many similar busts in no go zones and of muslims.)
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Spanish Islamic/Arabist Professor: "Islamic Communities Are Opposed to Integration"

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Duane Eddy
Peter Gunn


Rebel Rouser

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hungarian President Viktor Orban: We're "Ready to Fight The Soros Empire"

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The Truth About Soy Boys

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Uranium One Informant Revealed, Sebastian Gorka Discusses

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Gay-Assed Muslim Basketball Player Shoots Hoops Through National Anthem, Fan Confronts Him, Gay-Assed Muslim Dismissed From Team

Jim Howard, of Garden City, Kansas is a red-blooded, American patriot and a faithful supporter of the athletic program at the local community college. 
For 32 years he’s volunteered with the booster club – keeping scorebooks, holding fundraisers, running the chain gang for football – and even providing a place for players to have a Thanksgiving meal. 
He was in the stands on Nov. 1 for the season-opener of the Garden City Broncbusters basketball team. And when the announcer asked everyone to stand for the national anthem, he dutifully joined the crowd and stood at attention. 
That’s when he noticed a lone player seated on a bench at courtside – Rasool Samir, a 19-year-old Muslim red-shirt. 
It was unusual because there’s a team rule that the entire basketball team was supposed to stay inside the locker room until after the national anthem had concluded. 
But as the crowd began singing about the bombs bursting in air and the rocket’s red glare, the Muslim basketball player grabbed a ball, walked onto the court and began shooting baskets.
“It was an ‘in your face slam,’” he said. Mr. Howard decided enough was enough. He was tired of people disrespecting the national anthem. So at the conclusion of the song he walked onto the court and confronted Samir. 
“I walked onto the floor and I told the guy he should respect the flag and if he’s not going to respect the flag, he should get off the court and get out of the gym,” Mr. Howard told the Todd Starnes Show. 
“You should respect the flag. If you don’t respect the flag, just stay seated. Don’t make a big scene,” he said. “At least respect the people that paid for your scholarship to get you on this campus – like myself and everyone else in that gym.” 
The Garden City Telegram reported that a police officer broke up the confrontation – telling Mr. Howard to return to his seat and escorting the player off the court. 
When that happened, a number of people in the stands gave Mr. Howard a standing ovation and some fans even came over to shake the man’s hand. It seems, they too – had had enough. 
“Everyone around town was patting me on my back and saying thank you,” he said. 
The following day Samir was dismissed from the team.

I bet you this is not the last we hear of this Gay-Assed Muslim basketball idiot.

You just know the media is going to make them their new gay-assed Cause Celebre. Because nothing gets the gay-assed media off like someone who insults America.

Fuck the media and Fuck Allah.

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RIP Malcolm Young

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France should introduce Sharia law and create a Muslim state to avoid civil war says professor

A little early to the party, perhaps, but he's right.
French professor Christian de Moliner claims it would be impossible to mollify the 30 per cent of Muslims who want to introduce Sharia law in the country without complying with their desires. 
According to the professor the solution is to create two states with a French law for the French and Sharia law for Muslims who choose for it. 
He says: “We will never be able to eradicate radical Islamism… While we are not yet at open war, the faithful of the Prophet are already regrouping in areas sometimes governed by special rules.” 
De Moliner adds that in France a parallel society already exists and that it has opposite values compared to the Enlightenment principles upon which French society is founded. 
President Macron’s policies could only make things worse and according to the professor the solution is a dual state like the one that was implemented in colonial Algeria.
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On Her Wedding Day: Muslim Bride Gets Her First Smack In The Face, Muslim Crowd Ululates And Cums On Themselves

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